Our language centre can help you to learn the Russian language!

19787119 451029448588646 2710158356515226553 oThe first test lesson will be free for you. You will be taught by a highly qualified teacher with a CELTA certificate. You do not need to go anywhere. All classes are online (Skype, Google Hangouts, FB).

✌All right, let's just figure out why you should learn Russian!

moskva 768x480If you still have any doubts about learning Russian, here are some reasons we think can help you to make the final decision. We hope they will motivate you to start your learning as soon as possible:

  1. The Russian language is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. It’s a very beautiful and rich language.
  2. Russia is the largest country in the world, it has played and still plays a significant role in the world history.
  3. Many of the greatest minds in the world were Russian: Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Pavlov and so on.
  4. Russian literature counts a huge number of great works (Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Turgenev). You will be able to read them in their original form.
  5. Nowadays you can meet Russians everywhere – they are probably not the most communicative people in the world but they can be really good friends if you happen to make them smile.
  6. Russian women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world.
  7. Do you know that the mentality is largely determined by the language? If you can speak Russian, you can understand Russian mentality better.
  8. The Cyrillic alphabet is quite different from the Latin one. Russian grammar is more complicated than English grammar. Don’t you feel it challenging to learn such a different language? To open your mind to an absolutely different world? Moreover, scientists have proved that learning a foreign language is very benificial for the brain.

✌How to learn Russian?

  1. First of all, forget about such things as ‘Learn Russian in a month’ or ‘Fluent Russian in 3 months’.
    If you want to learn a second language – if you really want to do it – this task is going to occupy you for the next few years or maybe even for the rest of your life.
  2. Yes, learning a language is work, it may be hard and confusing but it is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding! Imagine: just yesterday you were looking at Cyrillic writings and had no idea what it was about, but now you can understand it! It’s like someone else whispering it in your ear. You understand Russians speaking and they understand you.

  3. ✌We'll be happy to have you at our Russian language centre!✌

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